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Kerry is a  trained physiotherapist with more than 19 years’ of experience and was born and brought up in South Africa.
After moving to the UK in 2019 she set up her own business in Northamptonshire’s Ironstone Wellbeing Centre in Kettering.

As a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, she is experienced in treating people with a full and diverse range of muscle, joint and nerve problems. Opening this physiotherapy practice has been her lifelong ambition. Helping people is her passion and to do this daily really is her dream come true. Historically, many of her patients have come to her with conditions such as sports injuries, back, knee, shoulder, and ankle problems. She specialises in the alleviation of neck pain, jaw pain and headaches.

The neck and jaw are so closely related. Most people with jaw pain will go to a dentist and not even know they can be successfully and quickly treated with physiotherapy, while many also don’t realise that headaches so often come from the neck area. The techniques She uses, especially for headaches, can have instantaneous results. It is extraordinary and for many of my clients, utterly life-changing. When someone comes in with pain and leaves pain-free it is a real highlight.


  • WordPress website
  • Brochure website that is easy to navigate to show off treatments
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance


Kerry is very happy with the website. She wanted a website that looks high quality and shows off a high quality service and and makes it easy for visitors to to see all the treatments Kerry has to offer. Kerry leaves her maintenance with us and hosting with us so she can concentrate on her clients and leave the website with us to maintain.

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