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Bex Simon

ABOUT Bex Simon:

Bex has long been interested in the mathematics of the natural world.  After receiving a scholarship from Qest (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) she studied five different courses in geometry. This enabled her to create a new contemporary style of combining traditional compass drawn geometry, laser cutting into metal plates, and hand forging components, to create a wonderful contrast of old and new techniques. Bex’s logo shows a triangle which is the geometric symbol for fire. A circle is a symbol of unity and the infinite ‘whole’ in both nature and geometry. There is infinite variety in essential unity. Bex feels geometry is about togetherness and being one with the natural world, which is a perfect representation of her work and its connection to things happening around us in everyday life.


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  • eCommerce
  • Gallery
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance


Bex was delighted with the refresh of her website. Bex Simon has been a maintenance client of ours and hosted with us for many years and wanted a redesign and spruce up of her website. We changed the colours, logo and and gave her a redesign changing the layout. We designed her original website about 4 years ago and have maintained it since then. Bex has been happy with our service over the years and came back to us to redesign the new website and we were delighted to help her with the redesign. We worked on the same trusty framework and were able to give it the revamp she wanted.

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