Monthly Website Maintenance

Is your website maintenance costing you a fortune?

Save Money and Stay Secure with us!

All WordPress websites need to be regularly reviewed and updated – just a few hours of website maintenance carried out by a team of experts each month should keep everything running smoothly.

As responsible web designers, we offer affordable monthly website maintenance packages to give our Poppy Design Studio customers peace of mind (whether we created the website or not) – and here’s why:

  • It helps boost SEO, organic ratings and Google search results.
  • Makes websites less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking.
  • It keeps websites secure and backed up.
  • Helps improve the user-experience – the navigation and load speed – so that customers stay happy.

Our website maintenance package starts at £39+VAT a month which includes backups, updates and even some content tweaks – changes to the copy and imagery to keep it looking fresh and performing well.

website maintenance

WordPress maintenance

£39 +vat per month for standard websites or £59 per month +vat for larger/eCommerce websites


We offer one-off or monthly maintenance options which can be cancelled at any time – there is no contract or obligation, and we do not have to have built your website either. We can look after most websites at a low cost.


Switching to Poppy Design Studio for your site maintenance is easy. Here’s what we do…

  • Carry out a free website analysis and perform some initial tests, optimisation and backups.
  • Provide an easy-to-follow report which details any issues.
  • Begin your monthly maintenance, keeping your website functioning and secure.

Want to learn more about our monthly maintenance options ?

We love to give no obligation help and advice, and believe it is our exceptional customer service that sets us apart from others.