Common Web Design Mistakes That Make Your Site Look Unprofessional

Your website is likely to be the first impression potential customers or clients will have of your business. So it’s essential to ensure that your site looks professional and polished. Unfortunately, many small businesses make common web design mistakes that can give their site a DIY or unprofessional appearance. This blog post will share some of those mistakes and how to avoid them.

Have a clear purpose or focus for your website.

Have you been struggling to create a website that looks professional? A common mistake many website owners make is not having a clear website purpose or focus. When your website has no meaning, it can seem unclear, confusing, and amateurish to potential visitors. To give your website structure and clarity that emphasizes its purpose, consider carefully determining and communicating the primary goals of your website. This will ensure that you’re conveying the desired message professionally, which will go a long way toward establishing trust with website users.

Making your website too complicated or complex to navigate

When designing your website, it’s important to keep user experience top of mind – if people find your site hard to navigate, they’ll be unlikely to stay and interact with it. The user may become confused and frustrated if there are too many extras like complicated animations or unique navigation elements. This can result in them leaving quickly and never returning. To ensure your website is enjoyable for visitors, keep the design clean and use simplified navigation tools such as search bars or line dividers that indicate different sections of your page. That way, you can ensure everyone visiting your website has a pleasant visiting experience!

Having outdated or irrelevant information on your website

Keeping your website updated is essential for a professional online presence. Having old or irrelevant content will reflect poorly on your business and often lead to visitors quickly leaving because they need help finding what they are looking for. By regularly updating any images, videos, text, and other information on your site, you can keep visitors engaged and interested in viewing more of the content you provide. Continually update your website periodically, so it’s current with the times and relevant to its intended audiences!

Using low-quality images or videos on your website

Using low-quality images and videos on your website can severely deter visitors, giving off the impression that you don’t take your site seriously. Low-resolution, grainy photos and shaky videos don’t look great, and they stand out like a sore thumb compared to higher-quality visuals. Investing in better quality images and videos is an easy way to ensure your website looks professional, creating a lasting impression with visitors so you can compete in today’s online market.

Not having a mobile-friendly version of your website.

In this day and age, mobile-friendly websites are a must. Not having a mobile-friendly version of your website can be a huge mistake when creating a professional-looking site. Mobile devices make up the majority of internet users, so you don’t want an unusable site driving away potential customers. Take the time to ensure your website is mobile-friendly so people will be more likely to return and keep coming back!

Not regularly updating your website content

Keep your website looking professional and up to date by making sure to update your website content regularly. Outdated information conveys an impression of unreliability to potential customers or other visitors. By staying on top of content updates, even if it’s just small changes like refreshing pictures or changing text, you can ensure that your website looks professional and trustworthy. So don’t get too comfortable with the same old content. Update your website content every once in a while and ensure visitors will be left with a good impression!


A lot of web design mistakes can make your website look unprofessional. Ensure your website has a clear purpose or focus, is simple and easy to navigate, and has updated information. You should also use high-quality images and videos, have a mobile-friendly version, and regularly update your website content. If you need help making your website more professional, contact us.

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