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VEM provide Northampton Event Management. Whatever Event You’re Planning with Versatile Event Management, you’ll have… Less stress: Tell Versatile Event Management your vision, and they’ll bring it to life. Whether you want a complete event organiser or the right people to greet your guests, Versatile Event Management will take on the role you don’t want – and they’ll do it your way. More time: Planning an event is all about the details, and getting those right takes time. It might be a small team party, a group workshop or a huge business exhibition; Versatile Event Management have experience in all kinds of events. They’ll provide the details that matter, saving you time.


  • WordPress website
  • Logo design
  • Hosting
  • Business cards
  • Banner design
  • Printing


Kate had already worked with us on another website and wanted a complete branding solution for a new business. She needed the full package; logo, website and hosting, business cards, folders and banner. After taking a full design brief we worked hard to achieve the clean and professional look for her exciting new venture. We researched competitors and chose the perfect colour palette for Kate.

Kate didn’t have any branding for the new business so this was a fresh new start right from scratch. We love helping new businesses as not only can we create a website for them, we can also help them create their brand identity. Once the logo was created in the colours that Kate loved, we were able to take that branding and use it across all platforms like her folders and banner for expos that she would showcase her services at.

Kate was very satisfied with the professional look her logo and website present.  The striking logo looks very well on Kate’s banners and stationery, and the website presents the image Kate was striving for.  We think this will give Versatile Event Management a great start to this new business venture.

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