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Odour & Bacteria reducing artificial grass systems for UK dog owners. Pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs. Top Dog Turf’s mission is to help you make the right decision for your lawn, your dog and your budget. Top Dog Turf manufacture, source and supply the best artificial grass for dogs, odour-reducing infills and professional turf deodorisers and disinfectant. Top Dog Turf now imports or has specifically manufactured the components needed to install and maintain an odour and bacteria-reducing artificial turf system, designed just for dog owners. This has made both myself and my customers feel safe, happy and reassured about having dogs, dog poo and children enjoying our gardens together with no nasty niffs or dreadful diseases!


  • WordPress eCommerce website
  • Shipping area configuration
  • Customer loyalty setup


We used WordPress for Top Dog Turf as Becky not only wanted a professional site but the best blogging platform so she could reach her clients in her friendly informative blog. We also setup a customer loyalty plugin for the client as they wanted to reward customer’s for shopping with them and set up a complex shipping system as they have many different types of products and ship to many different areas.

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