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The Awareness Key

ABOUT The Awareness Key :

The Awareness Key takes coaching to another level to teach you how to “Power Up Your Mind Before it Powers You Down”®

Harry Mansfield is the proud owner of The Awareness Key, where her unique training is designed to develop, fortify and support confidence, self-esteeem, problem solving and stress management through learner-inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting – ultimately saving lives.  At The Awareness Key, we use the power and potential that YOUR mind has, to do exactly that. It sounds simple doesn’t it, and yes, it is simple when you train with The Awareness Key.

Taking on their MindPower Proficiency® licence brings both professional and personal benefits. Harry will help her clients achieve their goals, whether it is learning her skills to run alongside the clients current work or, to begin a new exciting career on it’s own. Harry’s aim is to get he clients mind powerful and proficient so that they can: prevent suicide, achieve success, be fulfilled, save money, save time and be efficient and stop procrastinating.


  • WordPress website
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  • WordPress Website Maintenance.


The Awareness Key approached us needing a  modern, new, informative and mobile responsive website. Harry is very pleased with the new website and refreshment of her brand. Harry wanted a website that encompassed all of the services and information that she provided, and it was very enjoyable for us to build this for her. We also continued with monthly WordPress Website Maintenance for her, which allows us to keep the website up-to-date while Harry can focus entirely on her clients and training.

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