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Since its foundation in 2008, Willowbrook Plant has been at the forefront of the construction equipment market in Central England, providing products to meet our customers’ needs and an outstanding Parts and Service department to provide care and support when needed. Our product range has been selected to provide a broad range of construction equipment making us the “One Stop Shop” for your construction equipment requirements. We retain customers by providing a service which is proficient and dependable, and we aim to assist our customers with timely and conscientious support and product knowledge whenever needed.


  • WordPress website
  • Monthly Social Media Management
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • SEO redirects


Willowbrook Plant needed to updated their website. They already have a well known trusted and established brand but their website was looking tired and outdated and not mobile responsive so we were asked to give them a revamp. We created a website that complimented their brand. We needed to make sure all URLs that we needed to tidy up were redirected to not cause any 404 errors when we launched the new sites. We made the website easy for visitors to access and navigate. services are now easy to find and Willowbrook can also list second hand stock for sale which is what they wanted to achieve on the new website. We also provide Willowbrook with social media management and artwork on a monthly basis ad are helping them post with branded graphics to continue this new professional look online.

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