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Eco Dreams


“The company was founded in 2015 by two 18-year-old sisters to tackle period poverty and the growing environmental problems that disposable period products are causing. We were the first company to run a national advertising campaign in the UK promoting reusable menstrual products.”


  • Hand drawn illustrations
  • Bespoke thank you card
  • Repeat tile designs for tissue paper


To reflect the ecological and organic nature of the Eco Dreams brand, we were asked to create a Thank you postcard to add in with orders, combining the brands colours and natural elements.  All of the designs were drawn by hand and vectorised so that they can easily be transferred and used for different end results.  We also created a repeat tile print with a ‘woodland forest’ theme, made up again of hand drawn illustrations in one colour so that it could be used for printing onto tissue paper to wrap orders in.

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