Is your website mobile friendly?

Is your site mobile friendly?

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We are still seeing over 70% of new clients that do not have a mobile friendly website!

How can this be?!

The rise of responsive design

Responsive design has conquered over the past few years, transforming the way businesses build their online presence. A site with responsive web design can adapt to the screen it’s being displayed on, regardless of what device it is. A website will automatically reformat, giving the user a better experience suited to the device they’re browsing on.

Did you know that responsive web design is also Google approved?

Back in 2015, Google released an update to their search engine algorithm, meaning your website ranking can be penalised if your website wasn’t mobile friendly. This update was known as Mobilegeddon due to a huge rise in browsing websites using a mobile device back then.  This was devastating to small business owners in particular who had older websites that weren’t mobile friendly.  If your website gets affected by a Google penalty, traffic will drop dramatically and you will no longer keep your high rankings for those all important keywords.  This can lead to lowering sales, or business. This is the reason responsive design is important to implement. In 2019/2020 it’s predicted that over 68% of all mobile phone users will access the internet from their mobile devices.

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What is responsive design?

When viewed on smaller devices, e.g a smart phone or tablet, the website shows differently to how it does on a desktop or laptop view of your site. It shows larger icons, all the content is larger and aligned so the user does not have to zoom in.  Your top navigation may change into a drop down menu, your logo may shrink, links are easier to tap etc. A website that is not mobile friendly or mobile responsive will show the same as a desktop view, but when seen on a mobile device, will look small and usually unreadable, and links are unclickable.

As the number of users using different mobile devices to browse websites, it has been advised by Google to make your website mobile friendly to help users navigate your pages.

Benefits to responsive design

There are more pros than cons for self explanatory reasons, however, Google now really has given little to no choice for business owners in this matter, as a Google penalty can severely affect your online business.  You will have to convert your website to being mobile friendly at some stage, and by doing this makes Google happier with you. Despite how much it will cost, with the right designer, by making an attractive and mobile version of your website, your customers will thank you. By making a customer’s life easier, it can mean your sales and traffic will increase.

Do you need to make your website mobile friendly?

You can test your website with Google to see if it is mobile friendly. Click here to test your website now.

Contact us on 0800 321 3843 or email us and we can discuss with you the best way to update your website and avoid losing those all important rankings in Google.

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