Why Do I Need A Business Website

Why Do I Need A Business Website?

A Business Website, Do I Really Need One?

Business Website - Do I need one?New business start-ups often ask themselves this question. Deciding if you need a business website may be easy for you. You may have products that you wish to sell online, so that means the answer is simple. However some other businesses struggle to see why they need a website. Maybe you are a local hair salon or a tradesman such as a plumber. Maybe you just sell things online via eBay or Facebook and don’t see the point in having a separate website. In our article today we are going to look at the top ten reasons why having a Business website is so important, and why it shouldn’t be sidelined. Hopefully this article will help you see why a website for your business is as important as your branding or local advertising.

Top ten reasons why you should have a Business website:


Around 40% of the world’s population has an Internet connection today and 88% percent of those choose to look on the Internet to research the business before making a purchase or enquiry.  By having a business website you are giving your business more credibility. If you don’t have a website then the potential customer is more likely to carry on looking and go on to someone that does. By having a professional website it shows you are a professional and more credible than a business without. People trust businesses with websites more than without. This especially applies to those who are self-employed. You do not have a shopfront to show off your business, therefore, your website becomes your shopfront. It shows you are a registered business and you are a professional identity, not just someone doing side jobs from their garage. It’s all about building the trust of your potential customers.  You would be amazed that just by having your own email address e.g. admin@www.poppydesignstudio.com can change someone’s first opinion of your business. It tells the client you are professional, unlike if we stuck poppydesignstudio@hotmail.com on the side of a van.


The average cost of a professional website costs between £600 and £1500 GBP. The monthly costs for maintenance can be as low as £30 to £60 and with WordPress you can sometimes do the maintenance yourself. That may sound like a lot of money but after the initial outlay, think about that compared to your other sources of advertising. A website advertises for you 24/7, no employee can do that for you.  Think about a month’s worth of old-fashioned advertising; 5000 leaflets £85 inc. VAT, Half page advert in a glossy magazine £260 inc. VAT, that is a total of £345 for one months advertising and reaching a potential of 35000 homes in a small area. Think about your website. With the correct SEO you will get listed high up within the search engine rankings. You can achieve thousands of unique visitors from all across the UK for that original initial investment. After a year of advertising compared to your initial web design costs, the benefits and costs saved cannot be ignored.


A Business website that you can easily update is perfect for business owners. With a few simple changes you can update it to reflect your latest news. You do not have to spend time spreading your latest news and offers because they can be easily added to your website. You can use your social media platforms to interact between users and your website and visitors will visit your site to get the latest information. Unlike printed adverts, you can easily update your services, pricing and offers so it’s much quicker to get news of your special deals out to your potential customers. This puts you and your business ahead of other businesses that choose not to have a website.


Everyone needs sleep and rest, even if it may not feel like it if you’re self-employed!  So when you are sleeping, who is marketing for you? Who is giving your potential customers information about your service or product? A website does just that. It promotes you 24/7 every day of the year. Having a website can give your visitors all the information they need to call you when you’re next open. People are busy in today’s world and when they get a moment to research what they are looking for, the timing may not fit into your opening hours. Give your potential customers a place to go when you are not available.


When you have a website you can target your sales or services to such a larger area, in fact you can sell worldwide if you want to!  You are not limited to advertising just in your local area, you will have enquiries from all over the world if you want them. By having your professional website the world is your oyster and you can build your business as large as you want it to be.


86% percent of people prefer to choose a tradesman or supplier that has been recommended by word of mouth. This can’t always be the case when you are looking for services or products, so the next best thing is to read testimonials and reviews.  72% of people are more likely to choose your service if you have testimonials that are good and indifferent on your website. As long as your testimonials are truthful and not made up they will have such a positive benefit for your business. Having your business website means you have the platform for showing these off.  You can ask past clients to review your services and it will help show potential new clients how trustworthy or how good your services are. Also your website can have a gallery of products or past work carried out.  People love to see the standard of your work or products, and like to see a gallery/portfolio.


Like the old saying goes, time is money, and you need to make as much money as you can for your business to be successful.  A website saves you time that you would otherwise spend elsewhere. For example, spreading the word about your business with presentations, or explaining to potential new clients what it is you do can all be explained on your website. Your website is a placeholder and a showcase for these new clients. It gives them all the information they need and can answer so many of their questions. Once they have done the initial research on your site they can then contact you and they will have a rough idea what you can do for them, and they will be more ready to ask some questions and progress to a sale for you.


Having a FAQ or a contact form, forums, ticket system etc. can really help improve customer service. If your website has these facilities for customers they are more likely to shop with you.  They want to know you are there to help them and if they have any questions they will easily be able to get hold of you. Your website is your showcase to show off how well you do in customer service. They know they can get up-to-date information from your site and get an answer quickly to their questions and these little things very often make the choice for potential customers of you over your competition.


You may run a small business by selling things on eBay or Facebook.  You may offer services through Facebook and do not understand the importance of a website for your business. You can create a Facebook page for free right? and sell on eBay and have those fees already, so why incur in more costs for just this small business? Yes, we don’t want to lie to you, a new e-commerce site, for example, cannot pull in the traffic that eBay can, but in the long term, if done correctly, selling via your own website rather than eBay can save you a lot of your profits. With the right investment in SEO, targeting your market and running your website alongside your auction site at the start, for example, you can start to drive traffic to your site rather than your trusted auction site.  You can also offer customers better prices by selling on your website as opposed to auction sites due to lower costs per sale, and you can grow a better and far more professional business reputation.

We see so many services advertised on Facebook from companies that have homemade websites and are just awful to look at and navigate. With no professional branding and no business website it makes consumers wary of who they are actually employing. By having a website to accompany your social media, the two can integrate to make a fantastic combination but without them both you risk being considered unprofessional and questions regarding if you really are a business or just someone who does this on the side.


All businesses can normally be found via the Internet even if you do not have a website. Do you really want free listing sites or old social media posts or even just a Facebook page to be the first impression potential new customers will get? For us, we want to be found in every way possible but our website should be found first.  We want potential new customers to find what we want them to see first. We put a lot of time and hard work into making sure this site offers them everything they need to get the help and support or service they require.  Make sure your business has a strong online presence and people find your website first and foremost when they are researching your business products or services. Give them the best impression of your business as you can.


Every business should have a business website. There are so many solutions out there making it affordable for all levels of business. The results and effects on a business by having a website really can decide the difference between success and failure.  Some people think they are not important, but hopefully by reading this guide will help you realize how important they are.

Do you need any help or advice regarding this article? Feel free to contact us, or join our webdesign discussions on our Facebook Page if you have any questions, or leave a comment in the box below. Thank you for reading everyone.


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