What Happens If I don’t Update My Website

What Happens If I don’t Update My Website ?

what happens if i do not update my website

Can you imagine buying a car and not keeping it maintained? The vehicle will deteriorate in time with various wear and tear and it’s almost the same in the website world. 

People buy a new website, have it designed and developed but don’t keep it up to date with the necessary plugin, theme or software updates.

More than ever it’s important to ensure your website is fully maintained and up to date. All WordPress websites need to be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they keep running smoothly and stay secure.

By keeping your WordPress website up to date and fully maintained, this can also help boost organic rankings in Google’s search results meaning your website can be found better and easier by the end user.

Regular maintenance can help prevent cyber-attacks meaning that your site is less vulnerable and more secure. Also it gives you a backup in case of data loss or file corruption. We live in the world of instant communication and reliance on information so it’s important your site is maintained to ensure this marketing channel remains open and doing what it needs to do.

The benefits of website maintenance

  • It helps boost SEO, organic ratings and Google search results.
  • Makes websites less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking.
  • It keeps websites secure and backed up.
  • Helps improve the user-experience – the navigation and load speed – so that customers stay happy.

As part of what we do here at PDS, we help our clients to understand their website and offer a full evaluation and report of any problems we find along with details about how monthly website maintenance will help fix them. We make everything clear, transparent and jargon-free. Whether you want us to look after your website after that is entirely up to you – there’s no pressure.

We also don’t tie people into contracts for maintenance of websites meaning that our services can be cancelled at any time without you being penalised. We don’t have to have built the website either and can look after most websites at a low cost.

In the past, we’ve helped business owners move their website maintenance to us and we keep it affordable and extremely good value. We always carry out a free website analysis and perform tests, optimisation and back ups on websites that transfer to us.

We also provide an easy-to-follow report which details any issues and concerns and, once the site is transferred to us, begin monthly maintenance on the site keeping it functioning and secure.

benefits of website maintenance
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