Web Designer Chit Chat March 2017

Web Designer Chit Chat March 2017

Web Designer Chit Chat

Web Designer Chit Chat – March

Wow ! What a busy start to 2017 !

Hi everyone, it’s great to finally get a chance to catch up with you all. The first three months of 2017 have been so busy for us, and we have been meeting some great new clients. We are now even having to let clients know we are booked up until May!

I had to force myself to take a break today and write this blog and I know many of the businesses we deal with often feel the same, but it is time worth investing.

It’s very ironic…. I always tell my customers how important blogging is for their business, and it is ! For keeping customers up-to-date and to help boost their website’s organic Google rankings, and here I am letting it slip because I just do not have enough hours in the day!  So, time for me to lead by example, and my new goal is to allow myself a little time away from client work to actually keep my own blog up-to-date like I religiously tell my clients to do !

So lets have a bit of an update for you all.  As you may know, we now offer FREE SSL certs with all our hosting packages. Wow! What an influx of customers we had in January because of Google’s new rules, but we have worked tirelessly and managed to convert and update many of our clients, who are all running faster and more secure on HTTPS now.

We are slowly catching up with updating our portfolio.. unfortunately another casualty of being so busy!

To give a recap, here are some sites now added to our portfolio:

Desborough Website Design London WebDesign

Sites we have completed that we haven’t had chance to add to our portfolio yet include the amazing Amethyst Ancestry

We created hand drawn artwork for Sarah and a mobile responsive website for her new business.

Amethyst Ancestry

We have given Chris James website a rebuild. This is the second website Chris has had from us:

London Websitre Design

And we enjoyed giving Nick Freeman’s website homepage a revamp to help him increase his click-throughs on his website and improve his above the fold content:

photography website rebuild

Jtech National is another site we have completed that haven’t added to our portfolio yet:

Printer repair website design

Graphical design has also been a busy area in the business too. People are kindly spreading the word about my hand drawn artwork and it’s getting such an amazing response. We again need to add it to our portfolio (yes, slap my wrists!), but we have had a vast amount of leaflet, business card and poster design jobs pass through the office.

Leaflet Design:

Kettering Leaflet Design

Leaflet Design Desborough

Well, I think that gives everyone an update for the month! Thank you for taking the time to read through what we have been up to. Again, I would like to thank everyone that has supported Poppy Design Studio, and you know our number if you need a chat, cuppa or biscuit and advice!

Have a great month everyone and I will try to post these recaps every month 😉 You can tell me off if I don’t !

Have a great one!




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