Virtual Business Expo

Virtual Business Expo

Business Expo

In an ever changing world, internally here at Poppy Design Studio, we’ve had to adapt our marketing and how we build the business.

It’s been a challenge for us all since the COVID outbreak and face to face business marketing opportunities reduced. We’ve seen business networks switch to online meetings and these appear to have a place in the future, but what about face to face business exhibitions ?

We’ve taken steps to revisit our marketing strategy and Tuesday 13th October we will be stepping into the virtual exhibition arena in a Virtual Business Expo event run by Sheila Smith from Sheila Smith Sales and Events.

Whereas in the past, we would be ordering printed literature and promotional products to hand out to visitors to our stand, we’ve produced some fantastic digital brochures which can be downloaded as part of our own marketing literature highlighting our services and products across a number of key areas. These include social media artwork packages, exhibition and event artwork packages and examples of some of the websites we’ve produced over the years for our clients.


Come and visit us on the day!

We’ve also introduced a competition on line where visitors to our stand who register that they’ve attended on the day will be placed into a prize draw which we will draw at the end of the event. This is the equivalent of us holding a prize draw on the day and inviting visitors to our stand to enter our physical competition to win a prize, instead, we’ve teamed up with local wine merchant, Rodney Hogg, from Rodney Hogg Wines to give away a selection of wines from across the world which we can deliver anywhere in the UK.

We’ve also talked with Sheila Smith about the exhibition on our very own podcast channel about what visitors to the virtual exhibition can expect and what they will experience as business exhibitions take a step into the every changing digital world. You can listen to us talking here about the exhibition and how Sheila has adapted her business during this time.

There is also the opportunity to chat with us directly via a chat facility and register your interest in our products and services. We will also be displaying a virtual link of our client’s websites and graphic design raising awareness of them during the exhibition and to the digital world as well as exhibiting our work and how we’ve helped our clients move on line.

Whatever we think and however we feel these days towards the world, it’s time for businesses to review their on line marketing strategies and virtual business exhibitions could become a regular event going into 2021.

We look forward to welcoming people from across the world to our world here at Poppy Design Studio and potentially engaging with new markets as we explore our own marketing opportunities into a new world.

Virtual Business Expo
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