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Tips To Market Your New Business

Poppy Design Studio Guide – 18 FREE Tips to Market Your New Business

Welcome to another guide from Poppy Design Studio. Today we are looking at what you can do yourself to market your new business or website. If you do need help in implementing anything listed below please give us a call or email and we can help put together a package for you to help you with your new marketing.

1. Website Design – Have a website created for your business. Hopefully if you are reading this you already have a website to represent your business and brand. For a business to be successful today it’s essential to have a website. A business that has a website gives you a professional image and online presence.

2. Set Up Social Media – Social media is fantastic for promoting a new website and business. It generates more traffic to your website and spreads the word about your business. Not every business works well with all types of social media but you can set up some social media platforms to best suit your style of business. Examples are: legal websites – LinkedIn profiles for staff and business, Facebook, if done correctly (you would not want to post a status about your latest customer for a funeral plan etc 😉 ) Beauty Salon – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for gallery photos, Pinterest for photos all work great for these types of websites. LINKS: If you need any help setting up your social media or social media management, please contact us for details. We can help you with a one-off set up or ongoing support and marketing.

3. Newsletter – Adding a newsletter to your website is a great way for people to stay up to date with your latest news and for you to push new products and generate new sales. Someone may not need your services right this second but if they sign up to your email newsletter, a year down the line they may read one of your newsletters and it could prompt them into contacting you for your services.

4. Blog – Blogging is a fantastic way to get listed in the search engines and helps new customers to find your website. It also helps you move up the rankings for the keywords people search for to try to find a business like yours. Adding a blog to a WordPress website is very easy and practical for all types of business. You can advertise your latest blogs on your social media platforms and you can also publish news and Google will recognise that your website is actively worked on, thus increasing your website rankings, which brings more visitors and potential customers to your door.

5. Get testimonials – Ask your current or past customers to fill out a testimonial form for you on your website, Facebook page or Google plus page. The more reviews you have and the higher the rating, potential new customers will find it easier to trust that you are a professional business. People love to read feedback and see what others that have used your services say about them. Examples: , ( Google Plus ), Trustpilot is also great for reviews: ,

6. List your Business on Google Business Pages – Listing your business and website on Google Business should be high on your priority list. It creates a Google plus page for you which will also help you be listed on Google maps when someone searches for your type of business in their area.

7. Keep Your website Search Engine Optimization up to date – Google makes updates for how it indexes your website and what it’s looking for quite often. Ongoing SEO is important to stay up to date with these changes and try to aim for the top pages in Google for your keywords. Make sure your website is SEO optimized and targeting the right visitors. We perform basic SEO on all the websites we create, but SEO is an ongoing task. If you require monthly SEO, you can contact us for more information.

8. Paid Search Results – Organic SEO can take months, or even years to grow you to the top pages of Google results. New businesses need to work on that but very often need high results fast too, especially when they are just first starting out. Paid adverts such as Google adverts get your website listed on the top of Google page one in less than a few hours and Google even offer free setup to help you with this. They will help you with the keywords to use and give you free tips and advice, and even create your adverts for you to get you started. They normally help you for the first month of your campaign. Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts can get expensive if you have keywords that are highly competitive, but they really can be worth the investment at the start of your business and you can set a daily or weekly budget to spend. More details can be found here:

9. Research your competition – Use tools like to look at what your business competition does, what keywords they optimise for, and what they are doing for their own marketing that is making them more successful than you. Then take the good things and do them yourself but better!

10. Boost your social media posts – Now don’t go too far with this one as you don’t want to spend a huge budget as a new business, but on your social media platforms such as Facebook, it does no harm to boost some important posts that you create to help spread the word about your Facebook page and website. The more likes you have the more people will interact with your page and less boosting you will have to do, but this can help getting those initial likes.

11. Advertise your business on Facebook selling pages – DO NOT SPAM! Putting together an advert to go on local selling pages (that allow business adverts, check this first!) and posting it will help spread the word about your business and business Facebook page or website. So many people use social media and this will spread the word about your business very quickly and can bring in a lot of interest. Do not post too often though, you do NOT want to be seen as not professional or spamming!

12. Make sure your website is mobile optimized– Here we explain this: Is your website mobile friendly?

13. Offer discounts or start a competition on social media or your website – Offers and competitions through your website or social media, or leaflet distribution works wonders in drawing in new customers and them wanting to spread the word about you. Everyone loves a freebie and competitions and discounts work famously for new businesses wanting to spread the word and gain more exposure.

14. Go to networking events – It’s not what you know, but who you know. Get out there and network and meet new people. It’s amazing how these meetings can really help your business. You can take your business cards to meetings and meet like-minded people who have also started up small businesses. Google search for your local meetings. You can also get listed in local directories for your business. For example in Kettering, there is the Kettering Business Network, if you are local to Kettering you can be listed here for people to search for your business and services. They are free of charge and advertise you on their social media pages. To find local networking groups near you just google search for BUSINESS NETWORKING NEAR ME ( OR BUSINESS NETWORKING LEICESTERSHIRE ( ) for example. We were amazed with the response and all the work that came to us when we first started out from networking.

15. Promote your business – Promoting your business on free online directories and publishing articles for other websites with links back to yours is another great way to increase your visibility. BE PREPARED WHEN YOU START THIS, YOU WILL GET A LOT, AND WE MEAN A HUGE AMOUNT OF COLD CALLS OFFERING YOU SEO, OR FREE WEBSITE TOOLS OR PAID ADVERTS FROM COMPANIES! Do your best to avoid all these cold calls, be polite and say no thank you. If you need paid advertising even if it’s a large company offering you adverts on BING or GOOGLE etc. to say NO. You do not need to go through these companies and they only end up costing you a lot more money or tying you into a 12 month contract at a large expense for something you do not need. As explained above if you need PPC you can get direct from Google and pause it whenever you want to, why pay these companies to set up your adverts for you, when Google will do it for free and you can put all your budget into adverts rather than some on adverts and the rest paying the company doing it for you. It’s a complete waste of money. Examples of Free directories to list your business on for the United Kingdom : , , , , , , , , ,, , and

16. Sponsor a local event or charity. – There is nothing better than the feeling of helping a local company. In today’s world you can however sponsor an event, a charity or a sports team and get a great local reputation for your business. This also doesn’t have to cost a huge amount but what it brings in advertising is well worth it. Do an online search or look in the local papers and see what sort of things are happening that need sponsorship.

17. Place an advert in a local newspaper or tradesman book. Posting an advert in your local what’s on or local trades magazine really can work out well for you and your business. Newspapers tend to be a bit more expensive but trades magazines normally fall into a more affordable range (£50 – £100) per issue and get delivered to a lot of houses. They really are worth looking at, as most people who do not have the internet (Yes they exist! ) will read these magazines and can bring you a lot of custom. When you are more established then we advise going into the glossier, more expensive but higher distribution rate type of magazines. They can bring in a lot of new custom but they are very often a lot more expensive so not ideal for start-ups.

18. Do a Leaflet Drop – Leaflets work for some people and some they don’t. It really is hit and miss and non-targeted but it can bring in some good results and if it doesn’t, then the outlay isn’t that large if it does go drastically wrong. 5000 double-sided leaflets for example cost us £87 and we delivered them ourselves. You can also pay to get them delivered if you do not have the time yourself but of course this will add to your expense. It’s worth a try in our opinion.

These are just the basic tips to get you started with marketing your business. If you do need more information and more marketing, you can contact us about hiring our services to help or manage your marketing. We also give free advice so feel free to contact us with any questions at all. We hope you have enjoyed this article, please leave a comment below 🙂

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