The Benefits Of Podcasting

The Benefits Of Podcasting

The Benefits Of Podcasting

What does the new world look like following the coronavirus outbreak ?

The new world of podcasting has provided opportunities for marketers and business owners across the world to reach a new audience.

Podcasting can open up more ways of communication between you and your audience and provide more information to help them with their buying decisions.

With more people walking and relaxing during busy lives, podcasts are fast becoming the new way to communicate as listeners listen to them whilst exercising or relaxing.

If you are considering using podcasts, make them fun and engaging. Listeners will enjoy a fun conversation as well as absorbing valuable information from the content.

By transforming your blog posts into audio, you can help your listeners to learn more about you in a world where producing a podcast is literally at our fingertips and you don’t even need a lot of budget to start podcasting today. The platform we recommend is Anchor which is free of charge and you can create an account and start recording within minutes. This automatically distributes your podcast on Spotify.

How can a Podcast really help your business?

If people felt like they can sit down and chat with you over a cup of coffee, it’s probably more likely that they would buy into whatever your company offers. Letting people have an insight into what your day to day looks like gives them a new way of getting to know your company without having to step into your office.

Podcasts are cheap to introduce to your business, easy to upload online, provide a stronger connection between you and your clients and allow you to assert your authority in the marketplace.

They can also provide your listeners with a chance to meet the real you and hear your energy towards your business. Listeners can also choose to listen again at their convenience or forward to others to listen to and listeners are everywhere in the world!

What’s more, by introducing your business with a podcast, your listeners, be them existing clients or potentially new clients, get to hear YOU! They get to hear the passion and desire for what you do and the sincerity in your voice as you speak.

Recording your knowledge can also give you recorded content which could provide useful information for your listeners. You could record content of how to get around a tricky situation so people can listen and learn from you. It could be a “How to” session, it could be a “this is how we overcame this challenge”, it could also be a “learn this! This is what you need” session. The list is endless.

The Benefits Of Podcasting

Finally, the beautiful thing about podcasting is you can set one up for free. Most people will have the basic equipment by now without realising it. All you need is a mobile phone, a microphone and download one of the free apps out there to record your content. This will give you a basic starting point and after that you can explore further with jingles and stings to help add value to your podcast channel.


Set up your account on Anchor

Edit your recording with Audacity

Submit your recording to Apple iTunes

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