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Rob initially contacted Poppy Design Studio for a new website design after he had been recommended to use us by one of our previous clients. Grass Mowing World was, and still is, a successful business, however he decided his website was due a revamp as it was dated and wasn’t mobile friendly. It also didn’t give customers enough up to date information about the business itself.

Rob lives roughly 3/4 hours away from the Poppy Design Studio Office. He travelled down and had the first meeting about the creation of the new website. Everything that was needed for the new website was covered in this meeting in order to start the complete upgrade of his old version of the website.



Professional photography was one of the main topics we talked about, and it was decided that professional photos, plus the new web design, would look great for his business. The actual building of the site was estimated at a total of six weeks.



As a team, we throughly enjoyed working with Rob in order to provide his business with a new website. We ensured that all the old URLs to his old website, were redirected to his new one. This was to ensure that Google would not find a substancial amount of 404 pages when indexing his new website.


The new website is now mobile friendly and easy to navigate throughout each of it’s pages. We also enabled Rob to be able to edit the website himself, as and when he needs to. This was an important factor for Rob, however has still chosen to have montly maintenance on his website with Poppy Design Studio in order to keep his website secure and up to date as it can be.

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