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Poppy Design Studio met David Hearn via a Kettering Business Network meeting. David had approached Simon Cox about setting up a new business. David asked for advice on how to change his hand drawn sketches into a digital format.



David was new to business and Simon wanted to make sure he was not taken advantage of, so Simon arranged for David to meet us. We sat down with him and went over all the ins and outs of starting a new business. We helped him with the questions he needed answering, and guided him from our own experience. We helped David get his art into a digital vector format. We found him a company to print the T-shirts and we also explained what he needed to do to register as self-employed. We created David a one page website and provided all the artwork he needed for putting his art on products. David has since come back to us for more artwork after the success of his first 3 designs !


We created David’s artwork in vector, designed a business logo, created a one page website, designed and printed business cards and helped along the way with the practical elements of starting a new business, like bank account advice, taking card payment advice, postage and packaging, craft fair advice and much more!


Do you need a one page website ?

Poppy Design Studio can work with businesses whatever their age or size! We help many start-up businesses and we also upgrade large business sites, whatever you need we can help !


You can speak to us on our web design social media pages or contact PDS on our free phone number: 0800 321 3843




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