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Simply IT contacted Poppy Design Studio to get help updating their old website. They wanted to bring it back to life, make it easy to edit and make sure it was secure with HTTPS.
They also wanted to make it less complicated, and their website to represent their company name more – Keeping it simple for the customer to navigate and get around.


We love a bit of tech and geek! Working on the Simply IT website was fantastic because that’s part of our world, all the tech and computer services we love here at Poppy, so it was nice to build pages for a business we know more about than normal.
We still took the time to learn about the company’s ethos so we could create a site that worked well for the client and it was a lot of fun working with Simply IT.


The client is really happy with the site and we are looking forward to having a long lasting relationship working with them. The site works on all screen sizes and splits the company’s target markets down well. It now shows less of the services but makes the key ones stand out, which is what the client wanted to achieve.

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