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Nu-look were recommended to us by a previous client. They had a clunky old website that was hard to edit and insecure. The website was a large website with over 90 pages and they needed to be able to add updated stats and photos to it quickly and easily. They also wanted to improve their SEO in Google. We also helped with their social media design, leaflet and brochure design and print.


Nu-look was a very large scale job that needed a lot of communication with the client due to all the new and edited pages, new images to show off their products to full potential and removal of old quoting systems that were no longer needed. They wanted to revamp with new graphic design and make it easy for the visitor to navigate and book an appointment. We love working on the larger jobs as they take a lot of planning and when doing a redesign we have to make sure we redirect all old pages to new pages with a 301 redirect so no Google rankings are lost and no 404 pages appear on the website.


The client loves the new website and branding. They now have a modern website that will grow with them further as the business grows. Enquiries are easier to be made from potential clients and that was there main aim. This project has turned out very well and we are proud to have it in our portfolio.

Worried about how a redesign can affect your Google rankings

Do you want to redesign your website and change the pages, but you are worried about how that will affect you in Google? We make sure we look after your rankings by redirecting all old content to new so Google knows you have just improved your site not just deleted content.  Northampton web design – Poppy Covers across the whole of the UK, give us a call today.




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