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We met Eddie at the Northampton Business Club. Mike introduced us to Eddie as he knew Eddie had been let down in the past by previous website designers and he needed a website that was built well and was easy to navigate. His old website was confusing for customers and they just couldn’t easily see what Leasing For Business was offering to it’s clients.


The old Leasing For Business website had too many pages with very little content and even had old theme demo pages which should never be left on a site for Google to index. So we started a fresh design on a test server so we could get rid of any old content that was not needed and not have any old demo content not related to the client’s actual business. We made sure we noted all old URLs, so on the new site we could redirect old content to new content to save any search engine rankings the site did have. We reconstructed the pages to make them more condensed and easier to read and understand for visitors. We performed basic SEO on the whole site to give it the best possible chance in Google and we have given the client ideas on how to market the website and help rewrite some content.


The website is built well technically. It needs some tweaks for Search Engine Optimisation because the business leasing industry is very competitive but it has the groundwork done now so it’s given Leasing For Business the best chance to work well and get good rankings.

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