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New Business Website Design Rypro Energy



Being a start up business, Rypro Energy had no logo, branding, stationery or website. We went over the design brief with Ryan and he was very keen on the idea of having energy themed superheroes. So, our first course of action was to design a series of superheroes for his branding and theme that he wanted throughout his business. Ryan was very enthusiastic about the colours black and yellow, so we worked along with these colours in order to create some hand-drawn vector superheroes for him.



We came up with a simple text form logo for Ryan, as he had the superheroes as his main form of imagery for the business to stand out. We also created a letterhead design, business cards, logo and extra artwork for his superheroes.


Work on his website then began. Ryan needed a basic website that was easy to understand and navigate around, however it needed it to have all the appropriate forms of information for his customers. The website needed to be eye-catching and appealing to his target audience and also needed to get the message across that the superheroes can save you money for energy.



The website is mobile friendly, search engine optimised and has all his key data included. We also worked with mobile responsive tables for the data tables in the site.


We are very happy to say that Ryan is really pleased with the artwork we have provided for him, he has even had t-shirts designed with his superheroes on. He has also put the artwork across all of his social media and left Poppy Design Studio with a great review. We are very grateful thank you!


We are now providing Rypro Energy with on-going monthly maintenance and we are pleased that Ryan is just as happy as we are with the results of the branding, the finished website and hero designs.

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