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London Web Design – Chris James – Chris James Mind Body



Chris James has a very successful business and a range of products sold in many well-known stores such as Harrods. What Chris felt was letting him down was his website.



We worked very hard with Chris and Andrew to develop a website that was just the image they wanted to portray for the Chris James Mind Body brand. Chris wanted a very visually appealing website that would also be balanced enough with text to work in Search Engines. We created an attractive mosaic style main page. We arranged images like Windows all across his main page going into different parts of the website, and the images also worked well for his slider. The website needed to load quickly, even though it would have lots of images, so we worked very hard to keep it optimised so it would balance both. Chris needed a working shop for his premium products and it needed to look attractive and work efficiently.



We are really pleased with how this website has turned out. Chris had a lot of content on his old website and we moved everything over and we did it manually in an SEO friendly way. This is very important when designing a new website. You never want a new website having lots of 404 pages from its old content as that is bad for Search Engines.


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