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Benjamin got in touch with us because he was working for the BBC but had decided that he wanted to start his own business and start Red Cat Broadcasting. So being new to business Benjamin needed advice right from the start. We sat with him and enjoyed learning about his Broadcasting history and skills and how he wanted to start his own business. Benjamin needed our full branding service. Starting with logo design, and stationery so he could open his new bank account e.g Letterhead all the way to a WordPress website.


Working with Benjamin was really good. Once we had designed his logo in vector he was able to get his new broadcasting van sign written so him turning up at the studio in his new van covered in his branding and equipment was amazing to see as we have been with him through the whole journey.


The client has become a good friend and we have seen him follow his dream of owning his own Broadcasting company. He is very happy with all of his branding and the company image we have created.

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Are you thinking of changing careers or want a new challenge and do not know where to start? Poppy Design Studio help many new startups. Not just with branding or websites but with advice. We have been in the same place as you, a start up business and not knowing where to go for advice and knowing what you need to think about to run a business. Let us help you along the whole journey! Kettering website design – Poppy covers across the whole of the UK



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