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Harrington Museum contacted Poppy Design Studio because they needed to modernise the museum website. As you can see from the image in our portfolio gallery on this page, the website was not mobile friendly, created in old software (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Frontpage) and was not secure to modern standards.



The museum website had many pages, so it was a large job to firstly move all the content from the old site into new software, and then create a mobile friendly design for the museum website to stand out and be easy for visitors to navigate. The museum needed to make it clear that they are closed in winter and when their actual opening hours are to avoid confusing visitors.


We were also asked to make the information on the previous site easier to read and useful as a resource for it’s visitors.


Harrington MuseumJOB RESULT:

Harrington Museum opted to keep their original logo as it is highly recognised and is featured on their brochures.


The website is now mobile responsive, and navigation for each page has been improved. The duplicate content has been removed and Harrington Museum is doing well in the search engines. It has been a pleasure working with Harrington Museum and we are glad they have decided to stay with us long term whilst we manage their website.


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Updating an already established large website does not need to be hard ! Let us do all the hard work, we can work with any size business, even if you have a lot of content and old pages !



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