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Wyke Financial contacted Poppy Design Studio needing a wide range of our services. They needed a website design and all of their stationary creating e.g their letterheads, folders, logo and social media logos. They also needed our computer services in order to kit out a full office. They needed a computer server setting up, printers setting up and a full office system sorting out.


Wyke Financial



First of all, Nigel completed the office revamp and ordered all of the supplies for the office and installed all of this with the appropriate cabling and got the internet set up. Then myself, Marie, created their logo design providing vector logo design with five different concepts. We went through the concepts and chose the right one that best suited the business.


We then created all the stationary and then we started work on the website. The website needed to be in depth and had to be multi-lingual so that clients who spoke different languages such as Polish, would be able to change the language on the website in order for them to understand it and read it with ease.


We created a WordPress website that had enough pages explaining all the services that Wyke Financial offer. We also worked very closely with Dan because his website needed to be approved by the financial body before it was able to be launched.



For Dan’s website, we were able to keep the branding consistent by using his colour schemes for his logo and throughout the website. We have really enjoyed working alongside Wyke Financial and we look forward to working with them on an on-going basis for maintenance to keep his site up to date and secure. Dan knows that we are at the end of the phone line if he needs us so we can always provide the support and services as he requires.


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