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Rafal, the owner of the Corby Vacu Fitness Gym, contacted Poppy Design Studio needing a new website. His old website was created on WordPress, however the design was very basic and the old designers had left demo content in the site which was being indexed in Google and this is a big NO NO. The colours didn’t match his branding, there was no search engine optimisation present, no high quality images on the old website and the navigation was very messy and poorly done. This meant that potential customers were getting confused navigating around the website.


First of all, we tidied up the website, then Rafal decided he wanted a full redesign of the website. With our full upgrade package, we completely redesigned and reduced the amount of pages on the website. By doing this, we were able to simplify the navigation, and create an interface that was easy for users to explore and navigate. Rafal had some professional shots of the gym from Nick Freeman Photography. We improved all the copy with the help of Robyn from Robyn Allen Solutions .



The overall look and feel of the website is now professional, mobile responsive and well organised. Clients can easily book in on the online system, they can actually view before and after pictures and it is easier to follow the website and understand the scientific details if you wanted to read up on the benefits of the gym. If you do not want to read that, it is easy enough to contact the gym directly.


We have created a professional gallery, contact form, and an area for before and after photos. We also embedded the gyms virtual tour so it sits inside the website page correctly, in order for it to be viewed correctly on both mobile and desktop platforms.


We did a full SEO rescue service on the Vacu Gym because of the age of the site. All of the old URLs had to be redirected to the new URLs. This ensured that the website would not be filled with 404 pages, which are bad for Google rankings results. Therefore, we made sure that every old page linked to the new page or if one page didn’t exist anymore, we made sure it redirected to the home page.



We are really happy with the outcome of the Vacu Gym website as a whole.

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