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Emma from Ballyhoo PR contacted Poppy Design Studio as she wanted to revamp her current website to give it an update. Firstly we moved her website onto a test server so we could begin redesigning her website. As this was a redesign, rather than starting a new website, we didn’t want to lose any of her blog posts or rankings in the search engines, so we fully moved her site onto a test server to work on it there, and then intended to move it to the live site once completed. Emma was aware that her old site did not have enough content above the fold and enough call to actions, she also didn’t make the most of her professional photos. The brief of the job was to create a website that was search engine optimised, more call to actions above the fold, quick loading time and a theme that she could easily edit herself if she wanted to. We worked on the test server design. Unfortunately Emma’s hosting stopped suddenly and her live site went down.  Thankfully, we had the copy of the new site on the test server, so we were able to restore her website and move over the new design quickly and efficiently for her, so that her site was not down for more than a few hours.


We wouldn’t call this a highlight, as we do wish Emma was not put in the position of her site going down, but what made us happy was being able to help Emma at a time of need when her site was down. This was because she could be potentially be losing business. We managed to get her site back up, hosted with us and live so she was not losing customers, or affecting her search engine rankings. We made sure that all her pages were search engine optimised, and her images were optimised, but that the loading time of the site was under 2 seconds,  so that she would rank higher in Google and attract more organic traffic.

Emma was really happy with her new website, and the fact that we had saved her from being offline for long.


Emma was very happy with the service we provided, and we now enjoy working with her on a monthly basis.



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