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Burton Latimer Website Design VP Legal Solicitors


VP Legal Solicitors contacted Poppy Design Studio because they needed a professional new website creating for their legal services company. Being a legal firm with more than one office, they needed a website that was easy to navigate and easy for visitors to see the two office locations. They were keen on a side menu layout using a mixture of their own photography and stock photography. They already had a logo so we used the colours and incorporated that into the design to continue their branding throughout the website.

They also asked us to tint all stock photos used with the green/teal from their logo to keep their branding and identity.


We are very happy we achieved the professional website that VP Legal needed. Within their profession, it is important to create a friendly and approachable but professional website where visitors can easily contact the different branches. The layout is clear and easy to navigate, meaning that visitors can easily find what they need. VP Legal needed a side menu but also the top area to stay the same so we tweaked the framework create a static sidebar and top area on all pages making the site seamless when navigating.


VP Legal are very happy with the website and ongoing maintenance. They love that the site works how they need it to on both mobile and desktop. The colours match their branding throughout the entire website, making it look professional and appealing to a visitor.

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