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Gia Giordano is a curator of fine art and fashion. An artist, a rebel. She embraces the collision of the power of clothing and story-telling through print. She is a passionate artist who lives to make bold statements. She advocates freedom of expression and is drawn to the narrative within any media. She likes meaning and reason – and her comprehensive life experience and childhood has added both depth and a dark, edgy perspective to her unique and soulful creations. Gia has worked tirelessly to carve out her niche in the world of designer fashion. Her work is a collision of fine art and high-end couture, which brings together elements of her Sicilian upbringing, her verve for adventure, her heartbreaks and her rebellion against her Catholic background.


  • eCommerce website
  • Large photos to show off fashion collections each season
  • Easy to navigate and see each season


The website would need to be search engine optimised, mobile responsive and easy for people to navigate throughout the pages. It also needed to be made clear for customers to shop and purchase Gia’s custom made garments from the website. Gia also teamed up with the local photographer, Nick Freeman, from Nick Freeman photography and had a complete photo shoot of each and every one of her designs from her new clothing range. A Logo already existed for the Gia Giordano brand, so we worked around the design of her logo and branding guidelines in order to create her shop website. It was imperative that the site loaded quickly and that the checkout process was made easy for her target audience customers. It was also crucial that this process was easy to understand so that shopping could be made easy. We worked closely with Gia right from the start in order to create a website that would show off her personality as a designer and her flare for creativity. As a business, we were very pleased with the outcome of the design of his website.

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