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“Own” Anxiety!!……. Don’t let it “Own” you!!! As a Professional Anxiety Specialist, I provide immediate help, support and most importantly “solutions” on how to deal with and overcome Anxiety, in the shape of intense worry or fear.  In simple terms….I enable people to take complete ownership of their Anxiety, meaning it can no longer rule their life and push them around any more. Anxiety is a strategy of the mind, that very often navigates and manifests its way into our lives, by picking on the opposite of truth, presenting us with controversial fears, worries and threats that will actually never occur, but appear believable!


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Duncan contacted Poppy Design Studio because he was beginning a new business that he needed a website for. Duncan is a professional anxiety specialist based in Northampton. It was imperative for Duncan to have a website that was professional, worked on all devices, easy to navigate, and easy for customers to contact him to book his services. Duncan already had an idea of the layout he wanted, so we worked closely to understand his requirements and make exactly what he wanted. Duncan was an absolute joy to work with. He provided a complete job spec, all content and professional photos. Duncan is his own brand so we created large photographic sliders with headings to make it clear what he specialises in. The good quality photos made our job even easier to put the design together. We fully optimised the images so they do not slow his website down and it still loads under 2 seconds.

Duncan contacted us after launch to let us know that he was already receiving enquiries through the website. He asked us to amend some pages, to tweak the text and content to cater for the more specific enquiries he was receiving. Duncan is really happy with the outcome of our design and we have really enjoyed working with him. We feel very happy that Duncan has decided to continue to work with Poppy Design and let us look after his website and keep it updated for him.

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