Why Pop Ups are Now Bad in Googles Eyes Guide

Why Pop Ups are Now Bad in Googles Eyes Guide

Last year Google made an announcement regarding new criteria within their website ranking. Every online business needs to adhere to these new rules in order to stay tuned to the new regulations. This announcement was regarding use of intrusive interstitials (yes it’s a mouth full !) throughout web pages and it is well known as the “Google Popup Penalty”. Google wants web developers to make web pages more user friendly which is a great thing!. As mobile devices these days are driving the major proportion of site traffic it is essential to give them a trouble free experience whilst navigating your website.

The logic behind posing this penalty is that these intrusive popups often block essential content behind them and it appears annoying to users. Many websites are using popups and when visitors try to read some information on pages, a frustrating pop up appears in front of their eyes and it hides everything behind. Thus, in order to improve visiting experience of consumers or buyers, Google announced to improve mobile search methodology by posing a penalty over popup and it became in force from 10th January 2017. According to this announcement; pages that do not provide easy access to content will be penalized highly.

Here are few things to know that hinder content access on web pages:

  • Showing pop ups over essential page content, when a user navigates the page or while they are busy reading some information.
  • It displays standalone interstitial and users need to dismiss it first in order to reach to the main text of the website or page.
  • Displaying a layout that appears the same as a standalone interstitial and hides content below it.

Behind this penalty the major objective of Google is to provide easy access to information over Google with intuitive and honest platforms.

Examples of interstitials

Image credit to: https://webmasters.googleblog.com

What you need to do?

The penalty has been announced for Mobile search, not for the desktop users. So, you will be glad to know that WordPress offers several advanced plugins that can be customized to create a popup when a person is accessing a page from their desktop machine but they can be automatically closed for mobile users.


We see pop ups as a bad thing. Many people will argue this with us, but we feel that they just annoy users and if you are disabling them for your mobile experience you may as well cut them off from desktop also. We believe it is only a matter of time before Google will implement this rule for desktop users anyway. There are so many other ways to create engaging content without the use of annoying popups.

Also, you need to make sure your website as we have explained before in a previous blog is mobile responsive.


Do you really need popups on your website? If you don’t they just scrap them all together. If you are adament that you do, make sure you have them only enabled for desktop not mobile, why get penelised by Google when you just don’t have to?!

Full details from Google themselves:



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