Tips For Marketing Your Business During Lockdown

Tips For Marketing Your Business During Lockdown

Tips For Marketing Your Business During Lockdown

We are living in an uncertain world. No one really knows what is going on in the short or long term future. We won’t know until we get the all clear, the vaccine and the green light to return to “normal” life, whatever that may look like.

We may be saving with less wear and tear on our cars and exercise may be of interest all of a sudden but as a business, how are you adjusting ?

Some of you may be wary about even thinking about marketing at the moment if finances have taken a hit during COVID:19. However, now is the time to stay positive and focus on when we come out of this.

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to start marketing. At the moment, everyone is in the same boat. With people spending less, you can actually get some great low cost deals, and there are many free ways to handle marketing your business during lockdown.

Like any business, we’ve had to adjust and adjust fast to a new way of working, but what about our marketing ? We thought we would share some of our top tips for marketing your business on line that are giving us some success.

Blog, Blog, and Blog a bit more!

For many years, we’ve been hearing that we should blog. Google loves content and the more content the better and with less travel time and more time sat around wondering what the future holds, why not share your experience online with some interesting, useful and exciting content.

More than ever, people are interested in what you are saying about your business and brand, so why not take the time out to write. It’s also good for you to express yourself and get creative. We’ve been extremely busy writing articles which have been published at a national level online and in print and it’s helped us share our knowledge and experience to help others.

EXTRA TIP: When you post a blog share it on your Google Business page and people searching online will see you are active, and that may increase the amount of people clicking your listing!

Increase Your Social Media Presence

We all know how powerful social media can be, but are you using it regularly ? We have recently increased our social media presence and it’s reaping rewards already with engagement. We know how easy it is to get busy and forget to work on your own social media, but it really is worth the effort.

Maybe you could explore new social media platforms which you’ve not explored before or you could start sharing your new videos and blogs on your existing social media channels simply telling “the story” of your business and what you are doing during this time.

Do you struggle with what to write or the images for your social media? We have some amazing clients that offer social media management or offer courses and we have also teamed up with Pilkington Communications who may be able to help.

EXTRA TIP: Did you know you can schedule your social media so you can plan it all today for a whole month or even longer? Software such as Zoho Social or Hootsuite may be a huge help to you.

Start Online Networking

We’ve been big advocates for business networking over the years and still believe that business networking is a great way to learn and grow, as well as market our businesses. Word of mouth marketing is a fantastic way to grow your business, but when people aren’t seeing each other as regularly, you may need to consider moving your networking on line to virtual meetings.

We have been attending virtual network meetings around the country and by jumping on regular calls on Zoom or Blue Jeans, we’ve met new people and have been sharing what we’ve been doing in the business.

By networking on line, you don’t need to leave your living room or kitchen, and there certainly isn’t the nerves of meeting new people that you can find when networking in a room full of strangers. Instead, there is opportunity to meet and explore with others around the UK.

EXTRA TIP: You can network in your PJ’s! Well for the bottom half anyway! Make sure you look presentable on screen and people will never know your ready to go back to bed! 


Paid Adverts Are Cheap At The Moment!

The latest advertising trends we are seeing, is that paid ads are becoming cheaper. This might be through Google Ads or Facebook Ads for example.

As many small businesses have stopped spending money on there adverts to cut costs, less competitors are out there. this means that the cost per click is lower for you.

COVID:19 is meaning more people are spending time online. So try to resist the urge to cut that cost, and if you can afford to, invest back into your paid adverts, as your money will go further at the moment.

Traffic is up, advert cost is down, so you may be able to benefit from this.In other words, traffic on the web is up and there are fewer advertisers. This means ads are cheaper.

EXTRA TIP:  Sign up for Google Ads tips and promotions and they will send you a £75* coupon. Read there terms for this offer on the link above.


Sadly, the next few months are going to be tough. The daily count of new Coronavirus victims is hopefully going to fall but its effecting small businesses hard.

From the personal side, all you can do is stay indoors and practice social distancing. Keep your family safe and well.

From a marketing and small business perspective, you can make a change and prepare for when we are out of this crisis.

You should sadly have more time now, so use it to your advantage. Use some of our Marketing Your Business During Lockdown tips mentioned above and that way, hopefully you will come out of the Coronavirus stronger.

Stay safe everyone !

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  • Chris Barker
    Posted at 08:50h, 25 April Reply

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been doing some blog posts etc but dudnt think to post then to my google business page.. doh! Will do that later

  • Jeremy Lawson
    Posted at 13:24h, 26 May Reply

    Great article! Glad you mentioned business networking as a great way to learn and expand your horizons. There are so many networking groups online, but it’s important to be very choosy about what you pick. Joining too many groups could leave you overwhelmed with the number of messages being exchanged. Other marketing ideas are creating polls and starting challenges that people can participate in without stepping out.

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