How to add a services section to your Facebook page

How To Add A Services Section To Your Facebook Page

How To Add A Services Section To Your Facebook Page

Does your business sell or offer services?

One of the more recent Facebook business page updates means you can showcase your services in a fantastic new manner to attract customers and clients.

The new Facebook feature now lets you add a service button to your business Facebook profile and in our article today we are going to talk you through how to add a services section to your Facebook page.

Services Section To Facebook Page

  1. Go to your Facebook page and click on the Services Tab

Facebook Services

2. Click the blue button ‘ Add Services ‘

Showcase your services

3. Fill in the ‘Add a Service’ box:

Name: ( The name of your service, example Value website design )

Price: ( package price, include currency symbol, example £450.00 )

Description: ( The description of the service, make it appealing )

Photo: ( optional but we believe very important. You want to make your services visually appealing to new customers )

Press Save

add a service facebook

4. Publish your Facebook Services.

Your new services will not show unless you have published them. Look on the right hand side of the page for the toggle to publish them. You can also change the order of your services by dragging them on your screen.

Publish Facebook Services

That’s it! It is that simple to add services to your business Facebook page!


We think this is a great addition for Facebook business pages. This new tab gives businesses that offer services a great way to showcase them on social media. This will create more engagement if presented well and will convert into more sales for business pages. Facebook have made it easy to set up and we think many business owners will benefit by adding this onto business pages.


What do you think to the Facebook services tab for your Facebook page? Has it increased your sales or lead generation? have you chosen not to add services to your social media page and why? Let us know !


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