Benefits Of A Free Website Review

Benefits Of A Free Website Review

Benefits of a Free website review

At Poppy Design Studio, we can give an open and honest appraisal of your website, with one of our Free Website Reviews. 

The benefits of requesting one of our free website health checks, is that you can use any downtime, especially this time during lockdown, to revisit what is happening in your business, review your website and how you appear online, as well as getting some great advice and some free hints and tips.

Think about your website, what bugs you about it? Is it loading slowly and you do not know why? Do you think it is not search engine optimised but you don’t know how to check? We can help you to understand more about your website.

What is included in a free website review?

What is included in the Free Website Review:

  • We will look at how your site is built, whether it is built on WordPress or another platform, what theme it is using and look at the plugins you are using.
  • We will check your site’s security to ensure that it is secure against potential hacking threats, as well as being safe and trustworthy for your visitors, ensuring their browsing data is secure.
  • The review will also check that your website is mobile responsive, as browsing the internet on a smartphone is now the most popular way to browse, with over 50% of browsing done on a handheld devices.
  • During Covid19 it is important to check if you have a prominent announcement on your website to notify your visitors if you are still working, and in what capacity. This gives your visitors a sense of leadership and direction, knowing you will keep in communication whatever the circumstance.
  • We will review the number of pages on your site, and critically the load time of your website. Visitors will not hang around for your website to load, so this is an important aspect to address. We look to ensure that there are no heavy plugins or images that are detrimental to your site, slowing it down.
  • We will look at the social media accounts linked to your website and advise how you can maximise all social media channels to improve your Google rankings.
  • We will look at the number of domain links coming into your website and advise you on how to improve this.
  • We will advise you if your website is optimised for search engines to ensure you are found and to improve your chances of being listed on a Google search.
  • We will review the structure of the site, including the page content, a review of your logo, checking the average word count on each page to ensure optimisation, as well as reviewing your policies on the website to ensure what you have is GDPR and legally compliant.
  • We will collate all of our findings into a report with reasons explaining the identified issues and an action plan and tips on how you can make the necessary improvements to maximise your website and really get it working for you.
  • Our recommendations will include a bullet list to review at a glance a “to do list” to maximise your website.
  • We are always available for more free advice and a consultation should you require further help.

EXTRA TIP: Did you know if your website loads in over 3 seconds you are losing potential clients?  How much is that one factor costing you per year?

Do you have a question?

If you are interested in undertaking a Free Website Review, please complete the form on this page and the report will be winging its way to you in a matter of days with some invaluable recommendations and great advice!

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